Stratica Pharmacy can help you start getting better today.

Since 2006, Stratica Pharmacy has been providing effective, custom medication and help for customers, pharmacies and doctors’ offices in and around Edmonton, Alberta.

We are a community pharmacy and compounding pharmacy that specializes in dermatology, skin health and customized medicine.

We are a compounding pharmacy

Stratica Compounding is our state-of-the-art compounding facility that provides customers with the personalized medication they need in the form they want: liquid, powder, tablet, cream, or ointment. Find out more about compounding and how it may help you.

We are a community pharmacy

We are also a regular pharmacy and can fill prescriptions for typical medications that come in standardized doses. We also provide over-the-counter medication.  We can also help if you have any questions about your medication.

More than prescriptions

If you have any questions about your medication or want to learn about other skin health options, we invite you to come see one of our staff.

We look forward to helping you start getting better today.

Compounding Pharmacist creating a medication for a customer

Our specialized services

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Dermatology and Custom Prescriptions

We are an Edmonton pharmacy that specializes in skin conditions as well as developing custom prescriptions.

We can tailor the best options for your needs – off-the-shelf pharmaceuticals or a custom compound medication.

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Specialized Skin-Care Solutions

Whether you are looking for effective anti-aging options or looking for advice to better take care of your skin, we can help.

We carry effective skin care products and can provide affordable custom anti-aging compounds, designed for you.

Woman at counter of Edmonton Compounding Pharmacy

Advice for Cost-Effective Options

Sometimes there are options to reduce the cost of medications through custom compounding.

We are happy to help you find any opportunities to save money while getting better.

Why visit Stratica Pharmacy?

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We ensure we understand your situation

Many factors can affect your path to good health: age, allergies, multiple conditions, and medications.

We take the time to get to know your unique circumstances to ensure the best outcomes for you.

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We help other pharmacies

Leading Edmonton pharmacies work with Stratica to produce compound medication for their customers.

We are committed to providing people with the best medications for their needs, no matter which pharmacy they choose.

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We work with your doctor

We have an important working relationship with many Edmonton dermatologists because our combined expertise ensures a better outcome for patients.

Everyone wins when patients experience better, faster results.

We're here to help you


Call 780 428 5573 to speak with a Stratica Pharmacy team member.

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